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New Guide to Surivial Tomb Raider video

Not so long ago we released the first episode in our Tomb Raider Guide to Survival series. In the video we found how resourcefulness and wits would keep Lara alive, after being shipwrecked on the long-lost island of Yamatai. Not only did we learn more about survival, but it was also a chance to get a good look at some good old fashioned gameplay footage - the staple diet for a growing gamer!

This latest episode explores the far reaches of the island, showing how players will be able to traverse the island, finding artefacts, journals and secrets along the way - much like the Tomb Raider games of old. Upgrading your equipment and revisiting previous areas of the island will be the key to discovering everything Tomb Raider has to offer.

Remember; it's not too late to pre-order - March 5 is just around the corner. Stay updated with the latest news!